Stove Repair

Your stove is important for obvious reasons. Many recipes and simple meals require your stove in some way, and not having it can quickly put a damper on dinner. Stove repair doesn't have to be a huge ordeal. Many common issues can be fixed by the user with some simple troubleshooting and cleaning. Of course, professionals are trained to fix appliances and can even make them last longer and work more efficiently. Follow these simple tips to determine if you can complete repairs yourself or require professional appliance service.

Simple Stove Repair and Troubleshooting

Stove on the fritz? Try these simple troubleshooting methods to see if you can self-correct the problem. Always make sure stoves are disconnected from power as much as possible before servicing. For gas stoves, make sure the gas is completely shut off before attempting any repair. PLEASE NOTE: if you smell gas during or after this process that does not subside, immediately call your local utility company or an appliance service company for assistance. A gas leak can be a HIGHLY dangerous situation and should be treated as such. If you feel uncomfortable completing repairs at any time, consulting a professional for appliance repair is your best and safest option.

Major Kitchen Appliance Repair

??Issue: ?? Gas burner won't light on gas range

Solution: Access and clean the pilot/igniter to relight it. Lift the hinged top of your stove if you have one. If you have sealed burners on your stove, your igniter is right on the range. Consult your user manual to better identify this component. Use a needle and brushes to carefully clean the igniter. Use a match or lighter to relight the pilot and then test your burners. If the pilot flame is on and components are clean, a more complex issue may be at hand if your problem persists. Consult your manual or a repair professional for options.

??Issue:???? Burner problems on electric stoves

Solution: Replace the broken burner with a working one to test for a wider problem. If a working burner won't heat, the problem is likely with the burner socket. Inspect the socket for wear, burns, or damage. Clean any prongs that plug into the burner using a scrubbing pad. Consult your user manual or a repair professional for instructions on replacing sockets and for other stove repair options.

??Issue: Range has suddenly shut off of will not power on

Solution: This problem is likely the result of a blown fuse or damaged power cord. Check the power cord, outlet, and plug. Check for and replace any blown fuses. Beyond this, you will require more complex tools, such as electrical meters, to correct the problem. If you are not familiar with electrical components, calling a professional is the safest and best option. Consult your manual and a professional for more repair options.

??Professional Stove Repair Options and Solutions

Stove repair can be difficult despite the simple nature of these appliances. While proper maintenance and cleaning can prevent these issues from happening again, appliances often break down from simple wear and daily use. A professional repair technician can help you with appliance maintenance, ensure proper appliance installation, and provide appliance service when there is an issue. A quality repair job can prevent further damage to your appliance and avoid costly replacements.

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