Clothes Dryer Repair

While it is mostly possible to dry your clothes by simply hanging them over a clothes line or drying rack, sometimes situations may arise which necessitate the use of a clothes dryer. Maybe it is the rainy season and you have no space indoors to hang up your wet washing, or maybe you have to rush to an important appointment so don???t have the time to wait for the clothes to dry on their own. Whatever the reason for having one, when you need your clothes dry, you need your dryer to work. Unfortunately dryers, like most machines, sometimes malfunction. When you notice something wrong with your dryer it is important to get it checked out as soon as possible. Whether it has stopped working completely or is just acting up, making a strange noise or not working quite the same as it usually does, have a repairman look at it ASAP to make sure that the damage does not become worse or end up being permanent. We are here to get your dryer up and running again so that your clothes can be dry again before you know it.

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Some of the common issues that arise in clothes dryers include:

The drum is not turning.

The first thing a repairman would check here is that the motor is working, if it turns out to be faulty then they will ascertain what type of motor it is so that they can order and install a replacement. If the motor however is still working but the drum is not turning there could be other causes, the most likely of which would be a broken drive belt. The repairman will again check to ascertain the type and size of the belt then organize a replacement to be installed. Otherwise he can check the rollers under the drum or the pulleys, these can sometimes become damaged causing the drum to not be able to turn.

The drum spins but there is no heat.

This is a really inconvenient issue as it can be irritating to find, after doing a cycle, that the dryer did not heat the clothes to dry them. It is a problem that can arise from one of several issues. There could just be a blown fuse which the repairman will quickly change for you and have your machine working again or it could be a faulty temperature switch, faulty thermostat or faulty heating coils. If any of these components are not working then our repairman will gladly change them out for you and have your machine running again.

The dryer gets too hot.

This is a problem that should be checked out immediately as it can be quite dangerous. Again the repairman will test your heating coils and thermostat to see if they need replacing, he will also clean out all the vents to make sure there is proper air flow through the machine to help it cool.

The dryer does not work at all.

This is a stressful occurrence as you may think your dryer has thrown in the towel but it often turns out to be a simple problem to solve. The repairmen will first check that the machines power supply is sufficient. If it is fine then he will go through all the components till he finds the culprit that is interrupting the power supply.

If your dryer is acting up then do not hesitate to call us. We have the expertise and the equipment to get your dryer running again. Our dedicated technicians give only the best professional service and are there to make your life better and remove the stress from your shoulders.

Schedule online or call (888) 696-2431 right now, our qualified master technicians are standing by to service your clothes dryer today. And, save 20% off labor too!

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